Jerusalem Day 2010

Jerusalem Day 2010 - Antiquities destruction on the Temple Mount continues to occur even 43 years after the liberation of Jerusalem, with both the Antiquities and the Planning and Building Laws being regularly violated by the Waqf (the Muslim religious authority)—and the state doing nothing to prevent it. Neither the police, the Israel Antiquities Authority, nor the Jerusalem municipality is performing its duties in enforcing these laws on the Temple Mount, and simply turns a cheek to the serious violations and continued antiquities destruction, citing “security concerns“ as an excuse.

The Committee for the Prevention of the Destruction of Antiquities has been working for the past decade in order to remedy this state of affairs, but, unfortunately, there has yet to be proper archaeological supervision at the site, and the destruction of and disregard for antiquities continues. 


The Waqf changes aboveground and underground designations within the Temple Mount in order to create a mosque continuum and destroy any evidence that would attest to the sacred? relationship between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount.

Together with the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, the Waqf plans to seize additional tracts of land from within the Temple Mount, both above- and below ground, and convert them into mosques.


 In addition to large quantities of building materials that have already been brought to the Temple Mount—giving it a look of a construction site—more and more such materials are being ferried in, without state? supervision and control.

Numerous significant finds from the site of the Temple Mount—including decorated marble objects, carved wooden beams, clay tiles, and more—are being thrown out as though they were worthless waste, when, in fact, they should be placed in a museum under proper preservatory conditions.


If this situation disturbs you—if Jewish history, cultural heritage and archaeology are important to you, then we ask you to visit the Temple Mount to gain your own impression of what is taking place. We urge you to then call upon government ministers and Knesset members to cease this powerlessness, and demand them to treat the Temple Mount site as would befit a historical and archaeological site of such monumental importance.

Fax numbers your written protests to:

Prime Minister's Office: 02-5664838
Ministry of Homeland Security: 02-5428039
Ministry of Culture and Sports: 03-6873361

For our own data-gathering purposes, please send a copy of your letter to:



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