Examples of the destruction in the years 1967-1995:

1. In 1978, the Waqf concealed ancient quarrying stones on the northwestern platform in the center of the Temple Mount.

Ancient stone step at the entrance to Qubbat al-Hader The step is hidden by the stone slabs


2. The Waqf destroyed an ancient wall 1.78 meters wide north of the platform at the center of the Temple Mount.

The outline of the ancient wall is clearly evident above the surface and both sides of the wall are clearly visible.

The site of the ancient wall after the Waqf paved a path and demolished the wall.


3. In 1970, using heavy machinery, the Waqf dug a crater going down as far as the bedrock, and in doing so demolished a wall that had been standing since the time of the Second Temple, east of the esplanade in the center of the Temple Mount.


The stones of the ancient wall dumped next to the crater following the destruction of the wall

 The crater after its excavation, ten meters long and three meters deep


The continual destruction of antiquities in the Temple Mount compound has been documented since the reunification of the city in 1967. The Antiquities Law is not enforced on the Temple Mount despite the fact that the Temple Mount has been declared an official antiquities site. This has given the Waqf a free hand to obliterate the remnants of previous construction and damage the antiquities found there.

Judge Stephen J. Adler provides a detailed description of the extent of the destruction of antiquities on the Temple Mount and the legal status of the mountain in an article he wrote for the September-October 1991 issue of the Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR).

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